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Ten facts about me (^-^)

1. I've dyed my hair blue ones
2. I've cosplayd as Elizabeth midford from the anime/manga black butler
3. My nails grows super fast and strong
4. I've a Convention band on my right wrist that I never have taken of since 2011 ( >_< )
5. I'm very clumsy, right now I've a big wound on my left leg and to smaller on my right and a bruise (also on my leg)
6. I'm wearing glasses 
7. I've three scars on my face 
8. I've never been on a airport, or flown an airplane
9. I'm a twin (I have an twin brother)
10. My zodiac sign is scorpio 

The ten questions

1. If you could choose for one of your doll to be real which one would you choose?
I think I would choose Kimi my Dollzone girl, because I think she is the most normal and sweet
of my dolls she is also my first doll so I have a strong bond with her.

2. Who is your favorite doll owner? and why?
My favorite doll owner is :iconbluoxyde: I love what this person does with her dolls they are absolutely beautiful and original, she is so inspiring!

3. Your favorite doll at the time? and why?
My favorite doll right now is my doll chateau Douglas, because he is still a work in process that I'm really happy and excited about it

4. Do your dolls have a certain style?
I do think so, a mixture of vintage, mori and nature inspired clothes and style

5. Where do you keep your dolls?
I keep my dolls in my bedroom on my shelf, safe from my cat

 6. What size dolls do you have the most of?
I've most msd sized dolls 

7. Do you buy your dolls clothes? Or make your dolls clothes?
Both, I have some hand made clothes and some have I bought

8. Who is your favorite doll company?
My favorite doll company is Doll chateau 

9. What is your favorite thing about the bjd hobby?
That I really can be creative and do so many different things like sewing, knitting, drawing, painting and sculpting

10. Do you do your dolls faceups? Or do you get the company faceups?
I prefer to do my own faceups but my first doll have her company faceup. I really like to get better but I cant really practice because the weather is so bad this time of the year :|

Sorry but I'm not gowing to tag anyone this time. 
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: All time low
  • Reading: An abundance of Katherines
  • Watching: Doctor who, Sherlock Holmes
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: salad
  • Drinking: water


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello my name is Jenny currently 17 years old. I love bjd (ball jointed dolls) I have three right now but planing to get more in the near future. My firsts doll's name is kimi she is a dollzone (mold kimi) and a my second doll's name is Star he is a soom ai and my doll chateau Douglas.
I love cats my cat's name is Svea. Thank you so much for reading this and looking at my page :)

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